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The Man Who Created The Middle East by Christopher Simon Sykes

Author: Christopher Simon Sykes Published: 2016 Publisher: William Collins Length: 320pp.
This is a short review of a book I really enjoyed back in January. It seems to have a lot of low star reviews on goodreads therefore I felt compelled to give it a well rounded public review.

This is a good book about a bad man. 
The poor goodreads rating for this books is probably more to do with who Mark Sykes was as opposed to the book itself. The author even writes that when he told his editor about the book he was told he ought to call it ‘The man who f***ed up the Middle East’ which really says it all.

Mark Sykes was the British signator of the famous Sykes-Picot agreement. A treaty that oversaw the carving up of the Middle East in 1916. This agreement has come to prominence in recent years due to all the wars in the Middle East, not to mention the desire from ISIS to “undo Sykes-Picot”.

If you're hoping to find some redeeming features in Mark Sykes by reading this book, i'm sorry to dis…

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