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Things I have Unexpectedly Enjoyed | Graphic Novels and Poetry

There are two types of literature that I had always ruled out as ‘not for me’ they are graphic novels and poetry. Yet in an unexpected twist this month I found myself falling in love with examples of both of these things.
Graphic Novel: Habibi by Craig Thompson
I don’t really know why I never read graphic novels before. I guess I just saw them as comic books, maybe a bit childish and not really my thing. I just thought pictures are unnecessary and that they might get in the way of a story, however I had never even tried to read a graphic novel. It was in Waterstones that I stumbled across this large one, and I recognised it because I had heard about it before on booktube. I picked it up and started reading it, and I was drawn in within the first few pages. I kept going back to read it during my lunch breaks at work until eventually I got halfway through and thought I may as well buy it. (Annoyingly it’s very big and cost £22.50 so really would have appreciated an ebook of this to exis…

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